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res·o·nance - noun
"Electricity- that condition of a circuit with respect to a given frequency or the like in which the net reactance is zero and the current flow a maximum." This definition of resonance as electricity is a great scientific way of the truth - we are all energy. What frequency do you choose to resonate at?

This blog is the beginning of The Resonant Man Project - a journey of discovery into what makes for an awake, aware and alive mature man. The entries will draw from many sources. The focus is global.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yes We Can

I am no sports fan, of any sport. And I don't need to be to get charged up to support Team USA for ice-hockey at the Olymics after watching this 5 year old Warrior of a young man speak. Check it out if you haven't - some 2 million people have.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giving and Receiving Love

Please take ONE minute to answer this mini-survey: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB22A3GQKX58V I will share the results and ask for your perspective on them in a few days.

Being Perfect

I love what I read in Rev. Kathianne Lewis's newsletter this week. She talks about the word "perfect." She says in Aramaic the word "perfect" has other meanings, some of which were 'complete,' 'fulfilled' or 'mature.' That's Perfect! (sorry I couldn't resist it). At the heart of this lesson is "I am perfect, whole and complete - just as I am right here and now." How much time and energy have I spent comparing, critizing, condemning myself against others - a lot over the years. How much time do you and companies in particularly do the same - all with the intent of competing and "beating" others so they may be the perfect alternative for consumers. In reality, there is only one me. There always has been and always will be. There is only one you. Each of us are perfect just as we are - with all of our character defects right in there in the mix of things. It is that light and shadow that makes us this lovely tapestry that we call the world. And it all weaves together in harmony and balance - at least that was the intent of our creator. Finally, I love what Kathianne says about spiritual maturity. I am not the same person I was as a child. And that's not simply my mind and body that has evolved - it's my connection with source. For all those formative years when the world is constantly bombarding children with how to be, do and have - to "survive" in this world. Instead, wouldn't it be perfect if we realized we co-exist in this tapestry and in celebrating my perfection I celebrate yours and on and on and on. Join me in celebrating your perfect-ness, just as it is right here and right now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

God in the office

Interesting piece is USA Today - worth a read. They are claiming that acceptance of spirituality in the workplace is on the rise. Here's an except: "According to the workplace spirituality movement, creativity at work is a spiritual process that involves the whole person and not just the intellect or manual skill, and the new class of knowledge workers is devoting more of their time to work because they find deep meaning and a sense of purpose on the job." The bigger question to me is how many employees find that "sense of purpose" on the job - that then they are willing to give more of their time to work? I bet if we did a survey of this issue it would at best be a split - likely a low percent. Further, how many people take the time to know their true purpose, true calling in this life? And is it self-serving or serving a higher power, or at least a broader good? Ultimately - resonance comes from serving the one universal source that we all come from and go back to. How many people resonate at that level of consciousness and through that high frequency then impact positive change in the office-space? Please do comment on your perspectives.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Saints

I am so uterly excited about the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl last night. Before I explain why, know that I am not a football person at all. The most football I watch in the past couple of years was the last 30 minutes of the game last night. Here's why I am excited. I believe we all contributed to the consciousness that showed up on that field last night. All of us rooting the people of New Orleans on for a big boost of energy - of resonance! To me last night and the coming weeks/months is not about football at all. It's about a team that has and will ignite the biggest fire in a long time - a fire of the heart. This victory is a celebration of a people who have been to the bottom and now have a chance to be catapolled to the top. It's a celebration of the countless people and organizations that have been (and continue to) rebuild New Orleans. From Habitat for Humanity volunteers to engineers and health care workers. Finally, yes it's sad that it takes such epic natural dissastor to wake us up - and it's a heavy price to pay. Maybe that's what is required - one nation at a time, one community at a time - to get us up on our feet, to put our arms up in the air and scream - YES WE CAN! Yes I Can! Yes You Can! Keep that positive radiance shinning folks - it works if you work it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Shift

There are two movies, both called The Shift. I am referring to the one by Wayne Dyer. I highly recommend you watch this movie. The main part I want to share today is a survey he quotes: Quantum Change is the book I believe that came out of it. A survey was done where men and women were asked what's most important to them. And then many years later it was repeated after they had all had a moment that turned their values upside-down. Here's what came out of that: MEN went from: 1. Wealth --> Spirituality 2. Adventure --> Personal Peace 3. Achievement --> Family 4. Pleasure --> God's will 5. Respected --> Honesty WOMEN went from: 1. Family --> Personal growth 2. Independent --> Self-esteem 3. Career --> Spirituality 4. Fitting in --> Happiness 5. Attractiveness --> Forgiveness Granted he doesn't speak to how many people went through this and I ask you to entertain - think of the most life-defining moment in your life, we've all had them. What impact did that have on what's most important to you?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have a Little Faith

Michael Franti is my new music hero. I love pretty much all of his album that I bought on an impulse thanks to Shazam app on my iPhone (it picks up a song from for instance the radio and let's you buy it instantly at iTunes). The words that really hit me hard are: "and when the rain falls down You know the flower's gonna bloom and when the hard times come You know the teacher's in the room and when the sun comes up You know that I'll be there for you" Yes, the teacher is always "in the room" - in me. Each time I am provoked by anything - I have the opportunity to choose to learn from it. And when I know that the teacher is a higher power, that is part of me (and I am a part of that one power) then life is what it's meant to be - a series of lessons that evolve my soul's journey. I invite you to go listen to Michael's song if you haven't already - here it is on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Resonant Man

Friends, if there's one video that I found distills almost all of the lessons I've learnt in years of growth - this video summary of what Will Smith believes in is 100% on point. He distills the concept of "conceive, believe, achieve" as best as anyone I know. PLEASE invest 10 minutes to watch this and if you choose, comment about it! May you have all the success you desire, starting by giving 100% of yourself.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Power of Laughter

Actually, it's the Power of Joy but I choose that title as laughter is probably the strongest action one can take to instantly step into joy. Please watch this video that a friend shared with his circle. I ask that you stick with the full 6 minutes. I also invite you to post your comments about what happened for you when you watched the video and if anything else came up. Thank you for making the world a more joyous place today, by being you!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new decade

I haven't been up on the usual media summary of the past year so I might have missed this - a summary of the past decade. What a tremendous amount of change. I won't list it all and as I look back at my past 10 years I have nothing but gratitude and awe! Gratitude for the growth I have experienced and awe at the life I have. I am excited and in great urgency to start to intend the next 10 years I am starting to co-create with all of you by my side. I know that this is the decade when consciousness will become the technology of choice, when more people will become free, when more people will live for their true purpose and in doing so serve humanity, and I know that this is the decade when more people will focus on being inside-out, rather than outward focused. May this be your best year yet and may this be the decide for all of us to shine 100%!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pat Tillman Foundation

I just learnt of this Foundation via www.thegentlemensfund.com. Here's what I know so far - Pat Tillman was a NFL player who stepped up into the reserves after 9/11/2001. The Tillman family and friends created the Pat Tillman Foundation in 2004, following Pat’s death while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan. Here's what I take from this - put aside war for a moment - Pat was clearly a Resonant Man who stepped up to serve/give as he was called to give, from the inside-out. I am all for peace and sad that we are in this prolonged set of wars. And within these events are many opportunities to honor the gold in men and women globally. As we approach 4am Pacific Time tomorrow - December 31, I invite you to join all human-beings to hold the intention that peace is possible in our life time. Please read out loud, ideally with as many people as you can - this meditation. And as you do, remember the many Pat Tillman's who have made a difference - be it serving their country in war, serving hamburgers at McDonald's, serving a trip to the moon with NASA, tilling the soil of mother earth to feed us, and on and on and on. I give thanks for all those who serve to make this heaven on earth.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tiger Woods: His Dad's Part

At least part of his Dad. This story and many others I'm sure are/will talk about Tiger's Dad who was caught cheating on his Mom when Tiger was a teenager. Most stories stop at making the very surface comparison of "like father, like son" and don't take the time to go deeper. Hopefully Tiger will go deeper from the inside out about the impact of this significant event in his life. He likely knows the answers already but clearly the actions haven't connected the dots. The one area I wonder if he will look at is Radical Forgiveness. Based on the article above it doesn't appear he has forgiven his father and there-in seen the pattern that likely shows up in his life. Ask yourself today, who do you need to truly forgive and let go of the poison that only eats you? Remember, hating and being angry at another does nothing to them - only to you.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods: What is within this story

Today, I want to talk about the core purpose of events like the Tiger Woods story. They are not about a celebrity - they are about you and me. In every story lies the opportunity to look within. To look at those places in us that we relate to a story and learn from them - either as "me of the past" "me of the now" or "me of the future." In addition, the magical power of such events lies in looking at what shadows come up for me. What, if anything, am I hiding, denying or suppressing. What is mine to forgive (including myself) that such a story brings up for me? Today, take a few minutes for yourself and ask yourself - what part of Tiger's story is my story? And please - go beyond the obvious. My invitation to you is not about adultry, it's about living your truth in all parts of your life. How many of us are in jobs that we don't feel we belong in? How many of us have truly explored the route cause of our anger/resentment about someone/something? That, my friends, is the work we have in front of us - if you choose to accept the invitation. P.S. A reminder to check out: http://theshadoweffect.com/ if you haven't already.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods: Corporates and Truth

How facinating, the opportunities that Tiger Woods is enabling us to observe - if we choose. I am dedicating a series to studying many aspects of the Woods event, starting today with the corporate response. First, I want to be clear - yes, his personal affairs are his. And until we all boycott general media we better recognize that the facination with celebrity gossip is here to stay. AND there's another way to think about it - actually many other ways. That's the purpose of my exploration. Corporate response to such events: in this case, as in most - it is mixed. Gillette has said they are going cold on him; Nike says they "support his decision to withdraw from professional golf" and AT&T says it's "evaluating its relationship with Woods." All of them in my opinion are a bunch of wooses - plain and simple. When will a corporation have the balls to really take a stand. I have no attachment to what that stand should be but come out openly and speak to how an event like this does or does not tie with your corporate values (or other truths if you have them). Naturally, do that only if you are 100% living your mission and values as a corporation. I judge there's tons of contradiction to begin with - based on what's convenient for the corporation. Just as The Resonant Man is about being and living your 100% truth as an individual, it's just as true for corporations. After all they are the heart of major communities that set the tone for how a group lives it's truth and eventually each individual within that collective. Our current global economic crisis is a perfect time to reevaluate how seriously we take corporate governance and values. Let's learn from experiences such as the Tiger Woods event - rather than turning our back to them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


As we are in the season of celebration, I will focus a bit on it this month.
As much as I love receiving gifts and surprises, I truly love giving a whole lot more. To see the excitement and delight in every cell of my kids is totally precious. And to give annonymously is even better. The silent act of contributing to a cause or a person is a magical experience of "paying it forward."
So how does the season of giving tie in with being a Resonant Man? It ties 100%. At the heart of living fulling is the contribution I make in the world. Not just material but the intangibles are key. My words, my feelings I radiate out to the world - spoken or unspoken, and most importantly my thoughts.
As we prepare for 2010 - what contribution do you choose to make - to yourself, your immediate family, your immediate world and the universe all up?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life - Part 5

"And it's not who's appeared, but who you've summoned." In closing with the fifth line of this quote, I just love this part. How often have I been surprised at the miracles that appear? The times when I think something and it appears at least in three ways in my life. And I go - "wow - how cool is that?" but come from a place of surprise and coincidence - as if I really don't believe in the power of a universal spirit that I am connected with - a part of. When I do recognize that I am one with that power, I am at ease and at my best. When I recognize that I summon all that I manifest, then I am living my truth. Wen I recognize that I am responsible for EVERYTHING that appears in front and around me - the projections that I choose to notice, then I have clearly invited those experiences/people/things into my reality. What have you invited into your precious reality today?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life - Part 4

"It's not what you've forged, but what you've allowed." Said a bit differently, it's not what you've put concentrated effort into, it's what you've welcomed. I love this one. I have often put great effort into something - at work, in a relationship etc. And until and unless I welcome the outcome I desire - it's a drain on my energy and the journey is a drag. By simply allowing myself to feel, I open myself to the many possibilities ahead, without attachment to the outcome. How often have you been locked in how something must be? I invite you to welcome the many possibilities on whatever is dragging you down energetically today.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life - Part 3

"It's not what you've experienced but how you've remembered it." I love this one. It provides me with a new perspective on a core belief. I always rebelled when I was young that I have to experience stuff to learn and grow. Yes, that's true. And it's really my interpretation of the event that I remember that makes the experience unique for me. For example, me and millions around the world likely watched Obama's acceptance speech last year around this time - and each of us experienced it totally differently. Yes, there were some common elements and still party-lines drawn. In the end, I'll remember it my way and you will remember it your way. Neither is right or wrong - it's just what we remembered. Which leads me to why I'm a fan of the word "remember." It's become a trigger word that brings me great joy and bliss based on my ManKind Project New Warrior Training Adventure experience. That one word captures the essence of my experience of my weekend. What joyous experience serves to remind you of your glorious self?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life - Part 2

"It's not what you've felt, but what you've decided." Yes we are in an age where men are awakening to their feelings. Definitely important to be connected to my feelings, vs. suppressing them. And what lies beyond feeling is what I make up based on my feelings - what I decide to project on the world. So often I have made myself angry (decided) over the smallest things: long check out line at the market, someone showing up late for an appointment with me, something someone has said. Always it's what I made up about the situation, based on how I felt about it - which makes all the difference. When I can step back, remove myself from the emotion (without denying it) then I can see more perspectives and be open to seeing the love in everything vs. fear. If you choose, write in or share with someone today - what highly charged feeling has led you to decide something that may or may not be the truth?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Life - Part 1

Yes it's been over a month since I've blogged and it feels great to be back writing again. Here's what inspired me this morning - an email from a friend, actually from The Universe. I will be sharing my perspectives on the quote about "life" by breaking it down into parts. Here goes: "Life - is not what you see, but what you've projected." Let me start with a simple example with an inanimate object - a water bottle that's sitting on my desk right now. I see a bottle. That's it. What I project about it can go on for many paragraphs but I'll spare you and illustrate with just a few examples. I project out to that bottle that I like it's color. I like that it's metal. I like the art that is stenciled onto it. I am sad the art is fading on it. I project that I need to clean it. It gives me the water of life that I believe helps me stay healthy and keeps my brain alert. I see it as my companion that goes with me everywhere. So imagine if my bottle was a person... would it know that I have just projected all this stuff about him/her onto it unless I share? Would that person care what I put out? Probably not as he/she is too busy projecting out to me, unlike the bottle that simple is being what it is - a bottle. Here's the other thing about the bottle. There is no other water bottle like mine out there. Yes there are many mass produced versions that look like my bottle but there's only one that's been touched by me. Who's art has faded just as mine has. That has my germs on it. Now imagine if we could all recognize the beauty in each of us as a unique expression of a higher power - the one source that connects us all. Share comments if you choose and stay tuned for Part 2.