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res·o·nance - noun
"Electricity- that condition of a circuit with respect to a given frequency or the like in which the net reactance is zero and the current flow a maximum." This definition of resonance as electricity is a great scientific way of the truth - we are all energy. What frequency do you choose to resonate at?

This blog is the beginning of The Resonant Man Project - a journey of discovery into what makes for an awake, aware and alive mature man. The entries will draw from many sources. The focus is global.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Being Perfect

I love what I read in Rev. Kathianne Lewis's newsletter this week. She talks about the word "perfect." She says in Aramaic the word "perfect" has other meanings, some of which were 'complete,' 'fulfilled' or 'mature.' That's Perfect! (sorry I couldn't resist it). At the heart of this lesson is "I am perfect, whole and complete - just as I am right here and now." How much time and energy have I spent comparing, critizing, condemning myself against others - a lot over the years. How much time do you and companies in particularly do the same - all with the intent of competing and "beating" others so they may be the perfect alternative for consumers. In reality, there is only one me. There always has been and always will be. There is only one you. Each of us are perfect just as we are - with all of our character defects right in there in the mix of things. It is that light and shadow that makes us this lovely tapestry that we call the world. And it all weaves together in harmony and balance - at least that was the intent of our creator. Finally, I love what Kathianne says about spiritual maturity. I am not the same person I was as a child. And that's not simply my mind and body that has evolved - it's my connection with source. For all those formative years when the world is constantly bombarding children with how to be, do and have - to "survive" in this world. Instead, wouldn't it be perfect if we realized we co-exist in this tapestry and in celebrating my perfection I celebrate yours and on and on and on. Join me in celebrating your perfect-ness, just as it is right here and right now.

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  1. Perfection is being fully all I am in any moment. Blessings, Snowy