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res·o·nance - noun
"Electricity- that condition of a circuit with respect to a given frequency or the like in which the net reactance is zero and the current flow a maximum." This definition of resonance as electricity is a great scientific way of the truth - we are all energy. What frequency do you choose to resonate at?

This blog is the beginning of The Resonant Man Project - a journey of discovery into what makes for an awake, aware and alive mature man. The entries will draw from many sources. The focus is global.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Power of Laughter

Actually, it's the Power of Joy but I choose that title as laughter is probably the strongest action one can take to instantly step into joy. Please watch this video that a friend shared with his circle. I ask that you stick with the full 6 minutes. I also invite you to post your comments about what happened for you when you watched the video and if anything else came up. Thank you for making the world a more joyous place today, by being you!

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed watching it, and I am happy to admit that I found myself chuckling along with them. What came up for me is the nagging skeptic voice of "Yeah, but would it REALLY happen that way?" And as I was doubting it, that's when I caught myself laughing along.